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We Transform Stressed Out Teams into Thriving Ones

My name is Svetlana, and with over thirty years as a successful strategist in the healthcare industry, I have on-the-ground experience facilitating various strategic growth and transformation initiatives. Our mission at Mshh is to help organizations meet ever-increasing demands on their time and energy, without staff paying the price with higher stress levels. We teach leaders and providers who are currently burned out and exhausted how to thrive, even when stress and tensions are high. Our clients achieve significant operational gains, but also are able to connect and care for their patients with greater ease while thriving at home and loving coming to work. Svetlana holds an MBA in healthcare, is a certified Neurochange Solutions Consultant, and is a HeartMath Resilience Advantage Trainer. In addition, Mshh has a team of healthcare leaders and practitioners who are deployed based on your unique goals.

We help you create a thriving culture where your teams approach problems as opportunities so that you can successfully implement organizational initiatives to reduce operational costs, improve patient experience, and increase revenue. The result? Grateful patients, initiatives that exceed expectations, and decreased staff turnover.


Discover how we help organizations thrive in times of crisis, create a culture of innovation, more cohesive teams, and a thriving workforce.


“Svetlana is not just teaching Dr. Joe’s formula, she’s living it! She’s motivating, engaging, compassionate and provided guided support to make us feel safe to express our feelings as we rehearsed the formulas.” — Dr. Claudia Marcelo, CEO

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Today’s consumer wants to walk into your organization (physically or virtually) and feel cared for, safe, and optimistic. They don’t want to feel overwhelmed by drained, overburdened staff and chaotic operations. When your staff perform at their peak, patients keep coming back, increasing your bottom line and bolstering your standing in the community.