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Hello, I’m Svetlana, bringing over thirty years of success as a healthcare industry strategist, executive, and organizational development coach. My career involves hands-on experience in driving diverse strategic growth and transformation initiatives.

In the tapestry of my own life’s journey, spanning decades entangled in the throes of stress, I weathered the turbulence, clung to control, and even coerced outcomes. In this jouney, I grappled with a profound addiction—the intoxicating allure of the chemicals of anger, frustration, impatience, guilt, shame, and unworthiness.

When we dance to the rhythm of stress hormones, unable to harmonize their chaotic cadence, the chemicals they produce weave an insidious addiction. We find ourselves anchored and addicted to a life we hardly recognize, let alone cherish.

At MSHH, our mission is to guide women, leaders, and healthcare providers in breaking free from the conditioning imposed by years of continuous stress. This cycle not only impacts health and wellbeing,  but also leads to negative professional and organizational outcomes.

Our program is rooted in science-based methods, tools, and technology designed to personalize and operationalize the changes you aspire to make. We focus on practical, easy-to-apply, everyday solutions, ensuring successful and sustainable transformation.

Clients not only achieve substantial gains but also reconnect with themselves, their families, and clients/patients with greater ease. They thrive both at home and contribute to a common mission and vision at work.

I hold an MBA in healthcare, am a certified Neurochange Solutions Consultant, a HeartMath Coherence+ Trainer, and a licensed NES Health BioEnergetix Practitioner.

Furthermore, the MSHH team comprises healthcare and organizational coaches, leaders, and practitioners, strategically deployed to support your unique goals.



Additional Testimonials:

“The big take away for me was really seeing and understanding how much of an impact that our physiology have on creating the life we want. I had some knowledge and understanding of that. This took it to another level. Also seeing how addicted we are to our emotions and how lingering in our negative emotions beyond the Refractory period not only alter our body’s chemistry but also our perception of reality. Another take away was the impact of the component of time in the survival loop. Now I can see it very clearly as some of who often feels like I don’t have enough time or am running out of time. I can see this reaction to time as been a major contributor to the anxiety I experience.” 

MD/Physician, Section Chief of a major International Academic Medical Health System.


“I believe the MSHH approach is a practical and effective approach to addressing the stress and burnout within healthcare. From my perspective, it is a cognitive behavioral approach that is highly effective in positively reorienting one’s thinking and emotionality. I believe this reorientation is especially important for healthcare leadership, and especially important if we are attempting to transform healthcare delivery. Imagine what might happen to healthcare delivery if an entire leadership team and an entire organization was thinking, acting, and feeling from the lens of positivity and possibility.” 

MD Physician Executive, Author


“Svetlana was amazing. So enthusiastic and genuine. She was willing to share personal anecdotes and experiences that helped my understanding. She is very passionate about this work; she is positively luminous! The content is broken into easily digestible pieces. Brilliantly simplified to be absorbable and, most importantly, sustainable.”

MD, ED Physician, Medical Director

“Some companies offer team-building activities but nothing like this. Nothing that will also help you personally. Being able to apply the tools at home and in the work environment is amazing! The ramifications and long-term effects of this work will be much more beneficial to our entire team.”


CHRO, Fortune 500 Organization


“Change your mind…Create new results was an excellent course, packed full of solid scientific theories, and applicable to all areas of both personal and business life. Understanding how the body reacts to change, and learning to harness the benefits will undoubtedly help me find both the balance and success I desire.”


Chief Revenue Officer, Major Healthcare Tech organization


“Svetlana has changed my life – you are in the right business! I feel more hopeful than I have in a very long time.”


Chief Marketing Officer, Major Health & Wellness Platform



We help you create a thriving culture where your teams approach problems as opportunities so that you can successfully implement organizational initiatives to reduce operational costs, improve patient experience, and increase revenue. The result? Grateful patients, initiatives that exceed expectations, and decreased staff turnover.


Discover how we help organizations thrive in times of crisis, create a culture of innovation, more cohesive teams, and a thriving workforce.


“Svetlana is not just teaching Dr. Joe’s formula, she’s living it! She’s motivating, engaging, compassionate and provided guided support to make us feel safe to express our feelings as we rehearsed the formulas.” — Dr. Claudia Marcelo, CEO

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